Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kim Edward's The Secrets of a Fire king

The Secrets of a Fire KingThe Secrets of a Fire King by Kim Edwards

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A beautifully written book! Kim is a master at weaving strange ,unsettling tales alive with emotions.Most of the protagonists are women. The first few stories seemed similar, with common themes of death, redemption and loneliness. But as I read on , I felt that that stories kept getting better and better. A thin chord of melancholy runs through the stories ,but Kim's prowess with words helps one brush away the sadness in the stories and plough right on. I haven't read a better collection of stories in a while now. Kim's stories are like a slow, serenading bitter-sweet dance- definitely not something to be read in a hurry. My favourite stories were the one on Marie Curie and"Balance". Truly poignant and highly recommended for all lovers of short stories..

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  1. a review after a long are you..and when is the d-day?? havent read short stories in a while.. will try to pick it up

  2. BTW.. did u visit the book fair.. i missed it this year what with the admissions and festivals.. anyways would like to hear if you visited..

  3. Hema..I know.. its been a while! d-day is a long time away (Early March). I couldn't go to the book fair this year :-( Apparently, there werent many english book stalls..

  4. hi there! just wanted to let you know that we're starting a meme on Read the Nobels:

    hope you join in the fun!


  5. Aloi..Thanks for the heads up.. Will definitely head over and check it out. Thanks for dropping by..